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Data-Driven Instruction: What if Your School is Making ALL of the 8 Mistakes that Matter?

“The simple answer is that, in most cases, schools have made mistakes. In fact, this statement isn’t terribly helpful; after all, every school makes at least some mistakes. When it […]

Lesson Study and the Six Instructional Shifts

David Coleman’s mock lesson relevant to King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail offers initial perspective about what instruction with the Common Core might look like. It also raises some important questions, […]

Facilitating Curriculum Design and Coaching Instruction with the Common Core: An Archive of Posts

Recently, I created a landing page for all of the posts that I’ve been sharing relevant to my work with the Common Core. I plan to update it at the […]

Increasing Creativity, Learner-Centered Instruction, and Levels of Job Satisfaction WITH the CCLS?

In addition to sharing as much as I can about my work with the CCLS inside of schools this year, I’m also taking more time to reveal the workings of […]

Using Assessment to Inform Instruction: Asking the Kids

Two days ago, I had the opportunity to reteach the concepts introduced in this lesson in Barbette DeMarco’s sixth grade class. I made use of the suggestions that readers gave […]

Revisioning Differentiated Instruction

I remember my early assumptions about differentiated instruction. I remember thinking, like many do, that differentiation would require the careful design of three separate approaches for each day’s learning. I […]

Documenting History, Documenting Our Learning

It was a rainy afternoon, long before anyone was really thinking about global pandemics and civil unrest. We were visiting my favorite art store, and I noticed this notebook on […]

Five Ways to Support Autonomous Learning

It all started when we were about two weeks deep into our new pandemic lifestyle. John and I were sitting in our living room, which sits about twenty feet from […]

Teaching Writing from a Distance

Hey–happy Friday! How was your week? Mine was productive. Very productive. And productive feels so much better than just about anything else right now. I just wrapped my first week […]

Four Ways to Go the Distance

“I’m feeling better,” she said, and I had to agree. I’m feeling better, too. We’re adapting, as much as we’d rather not, and I don’t know about you, but I’m noticing […]