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This is How We Share Our Toys

I realize that I may be the last person on earth who will finally own her very own Flip Video Camera, and I’ll bet none of you are suprised that the only […]

To Decorate or Educate? Four Ways Great Teachers Use Their Classroom Walls

Lately, quite a few of the teachers and administrators that I work with have been chatting about different ways to maximize classroom wall space. This might seem like a trivial […]

Connecting: A Story in Avatars

Once upon a time, I connected to Emily and Jennifer and many others (who are writers, not teachers btw). Intrigued,  Laura began to blog. And with a bit of support from   and  […]

What Should I Read Next?

You know the kid: the one who grows his bangs a little longer to hide the eyes beneath his glasses. This way, you’ll never know exactly where he’s looking…..up at […]


  I’ve been using Wordle to begin conversations around standards this year, and I have to admit, it’s kinda neat to pull these posters out and watch teachers get excited about […]

Speaking of Service Learning

I’m going to take a break today and direct you to my daughter Laura’s blog. She could use a bit of support with a new project idea. I’ll let her explain……

Can Service Learning Offer Solutions to Our Current Economic Crisis?

Last week, I was asked to begin crafting a guest post in response to the question I’ve posed in my title. I’m curious: how would YOU answer that question? Service […]

First They Ignore You

Who is ignoring you? Who or what are you ignoring? Thanks to Susan Morgan for giving me much to think about.

Teaching Content is Teaching Reading

Daniel Willingham has been known to challenge a popular theory or two. I find his work provocative, and I have refined my own perspectives a bit upon consideration of some […]

Students Seeking Publication

Once upon a time, publication was seen as the “icing” on the composition cake. Providing kids the chance to publish their work was a nice idea, but it was hardly […]