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Strategically Planning to Realize Vision

Last week, I began sharing some of the thinking and work that I’m doing relevant to Race to the Top. As I began facilitating sessions with teachers and administrators last […]

What’s at the Top, Anyway?

What does it mean to Race to the Top? Ensuring that students leave schools prepared for college and career is the ultimate goal of course, and as a Network Equivalent […]

What Conditions Create People Who Act Like…..

This: And what conditions create people who act like this? These videos punctuated early conversations I had with teachers and leaders relevant to Race to the Top.They prompted the articulation […]

Getting Race-Ready

Pythagoras suggested that the beginning is the half of everything. Anyone who has been facilitating ELA work around the Common Core Learning Standards this fall knows this, because David Coleman […]

Envisioning the Top

What is your vision of the graduate you hope to shape? What is your vision of the professional you will become? Envision your students at the very top of their […]

Race to the Top: A Means, Not an End?

It depends on your perspective, I guess. We can treat Race to the Top as a mandate. We can make it our holy grail. We can bend dramatically under the […]