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Join Us at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio Annual Installation of Writers’ Works in Process

This is a wonderful way to celebrate the thinking, learning, and work of our writers. It’s also the perfect opportunity for community members to discover more about who we are […]

Retooling Traditional Writer’s Workshop Structures

This chart provides a glimpse at two different ways to execute a day of workshop. One is teacher-centered, and the other is writer-centered. As you explore them, consider when it […]


Three Characteristics of Teachers Who Succeed with the Common Core Learning Standards

Over the last four years, I’ve provided sustained support to 5 rural, 2 suburban, and 3 urban school districts as they’ve aligned curricula, instructional practices, and assessments to the Common […]

Data by Design: How Grounded Theory Methodology Reveals More About Learners Than Numbers Ever Will

I founded the WNY Young Writer’s Studio with two great intentions: First, I longed to create a lasting community where children could choose to write about the things that mattered […]

Love is Blind: 5 Indications that Your Relationship with Quantitative Data is Unhealthy

1. Is your relationship with quantitative data exclusive? 2. Are you unwilling to recognize flaws in your quantitative data or in your relationship? 3. Do you dress your quantitative data […]

The WNY Young Writer’s Studio: Teacher-Centered, Job-Embedded Professional Learning That’s FREE

Registration for the upcoming season is now open at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio, and while I often share the work of the kids in our community, I don’t often […]


A Chart that Coaches Kids to Initiate Their Own Writing Conferences


When Writers Make the Anchor Chart: What We’re Learning About Improving Dialogue in Story

Last spring, several groups at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio made a careful study of dialogue. Rather than charting the ideas that might have emerged from my¬†teacher-driven mini-lessons, writers¬†researched this […]

Wanna Win a Corwin Text? Seeking Your Input Here

First, I want to thank those of you who have dropped by over the last few months, subscribed to my email list, and added my blog to your readers. I’ve […]

Revision Points for Primary Writers

Primary teachers know that drawing is writing and that even our littlest writers have wonderful and very important stories to tell and opinions to share. It’s important to mention that […]