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Test Stress

  There is no data to suggest that practicing standardized assessments over and over again positively influences performance. Ever. So we need to stop doing that. There is a great deal of […]


Rethinking Shared Reading with the Common Core: When Students Pick the Texts

Last month, a number of teachers and consultant friends of mine began kicking around the idea of creating an archive of paired passages and texts that educators could pull on […]


Do No Harm

I agree: too much is going wrong. We do need to speak up. We do need to act in ways that will restore sanity. Something worth reflecting on though: what […]


Join Me at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio!

By day, I’m a consultant in school districts throughout Western New York. Summers, weekends, and evenings often find me writing and learning beside kids and teachers at the WNY Young […]


Struggling to Comprehend? Grammar is Your Friend

Catherine Leach is a former Western New Yorker and a long-time friend of the WNY Young Writers’ Studio. She teaches and coaches at Sam Rayburn High School in Pasadena, Texas. I’m […]


Pose, Pause, PAIR, Pounce, Bounce? Facilitating Rich Conversations About Text

During lesson study debriefs over the last several years, the teachers that I support shared their observations relevant to a variety of focal points. Often, they lingered over what they […]


Five Ways to Help Readers Manage Frustration

1. Frame it positively. I notice that all too often, readers assume that unless they are reading fast, reading accurately, and making perfect meaning from text, they are failing. Several […]


Building vs. Activating Background Knowledge

I spent Saturday with teachers and writers at the WNY Young Writers’ Studio. Our season is winding down, and everyone is swimming in the depths of the projects they’ve been […]


Readers’ Workshop, Choice, and the Common Core LEARNING Standards

Students’ ability to read complex text does not always develop in a linear fashion. Although the progression of Reading standard 10 (see below) defines required grade-by-grade growth in students’ ability […]


It’s Not About Us: Intervention is About Working in Service to Readers, Not Pedagogy

Yesterday, I opened a conversation about the roles that assessment and intervention play in attending to the needs of struggling and reluctant readers. The most important thing I’ve learned? It’s […]