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Wanna Win a Corwin Text? Seeking Your Input Here

First, I want to thank those of you who have dropped by over the last few months, subscribed to my email list, and added my blog to your readers. I’ve […]

Revision Points for Primary Writers

Primary teachers know that drawing is writing and that even our littlest writers have wonderful and very important stories to tell and opinions to share. It’s important to mention that […]

Becoming a Quiet Leader in the Writer’s Workshop: A Progression Toward Writer-Centered Approaches

I spent much of last week curled up on my couch designing writer’s workshop units while nursing a killer cold. One gorgeous silver lining: I’ve discovered lemon ginger tea. Another? […]


A 5 Step Process for Revising Bit by Bit

During conversations with teachers last week, one mentioned how overwhelming it is to move writers through the revision process and how, all too often, what comes from the effort is […]


Writing on the Grid

Here’s a snapshot of the grid that some writers plan with at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio. And here’s another of a bulletin board near it, which provides new writers […]

Markets, Contests, and Communities for Young Writers

Like most who live in western New York state, I love spring for many reasons. The snow has melted, the robins have returned, and the lake is beginning to look […]

Celebrating Writers in Progress: The Guide to Organizing a Quick but Fabulous Exhibition

It’s important for young writers to share their work with audiences who are truly interested in receiving it, yet time for exhibition is often tight, and when it comes time […]

3 Ways to Use Animated Shorts in the Classroom (and a Kid-Approved Collection)

I’ve really enjoyed working with animated shorts in a variety of ways this year, and I promised the teachers that I support that I’d share some of our favorites here, […]

Brilliant or Insane

Swing By and See Me at Brilliant or Insane

By now, quite a few of you who keep up with me here know that in January, Mark Barnes named me Senior Writer at his popular education site, Brilliant or […]

writer's notebook

Symbiosis and Structure: Two Thoughts About the Curse of the Empty Writer’s Notebook

“I love the idea of writer’s notebooks,” she sighed. “The problem is, my students begin using them with the best of intentions at the start of every school year, but […]