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I’m Not Sure Which Common Core You’re Reading, But Mine Supports Choice

Students’ ability to read complex text does not always develop in a linear fashion. Although the progression of Reading standard 10 (see below) defines required grade-by-grade growth in students’ ability […]


Why Data? Because Passion Can Narrow Perspective

Yesterday, I opened a conversation about the roles that assessment and intervention play in attending to the needs of struggling and reluctant readers. Would you like to know the most […]

Want to Know Why Readers Struggle? Ask Them.

When we first meet a reluctant or struggling reader, sometimes our first impulse is to act in service to this reader. We are teachers. We want to help, and we know […]

Could Balance Empower Struggling and Reluctant Readers?

  I’m wondering what the unintended consequences might be of  mandating the removal of any one of these parts from the whole? But I’m also wondering what the unintended consequences […]

Scaffolding Texts and Reading Experiences

When we’re paying attention, we learn things about our students that we’ve never considered before. Over the last three years, I’ve conducted lesson studies in roughly fifty classrooms with over […]

From “They Can’t” to “Here’s Why” to “Let’s Try”: Formative Assessment that Serves Readers Well

Yesterday, I described the pivotal role that assessment plays in defining the unique needs of readers. Today, I thought I would share a tool that emerged from inquiry work I […]

Distinguishing Reluctant Readers from Struggling Readers

How do you distinguish reluctant readers from those who struggle? How great is the overlap in the venn diagram that represents these readers as they present in your world? Which […]

Initial Reflections on a Decade’s Worth of “Data Dialogue”

Over the last decade, I’ve had the opportunity to facilitate an awful lot of data dialogue inside of many different schools with many different kinds of teachers and leaders. These […]

Inquiry Teams: Beginning Where You Are

  When I first began learning how groups of teachers might use data to empower practice and serve kids better, most of the models I studied felt very linear and […]

The Inquiring Writing Teacher

  Wellsville Middle and High School English teachers began inquiry work within collegial learning circles three years ago. What they accomplished for writers that year and what they’ve continued to accomplish […]