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Empowering Reluctant and Struggling Readers

    Last week, Kim Yaris and Jan Burkins invited me to begin this conversation about text complexity and cognitive dissonance on their blog.¬†¬†Over the next few weeks, I’ll share […]

Managing Cognitive Dissonance

  Happy Friday! Last week, I was beyond excited when Jan Burkis and Kim Yaris invited to guest post over at their place. I took the opportunity to start a […]

Curriculum by Design: Clear, Coherent, Responsive

When I began Common Core lesson studies with elementary teachers two years ago, they made the same surprising observation in each of the classrooms I taught in that spring: the […]

Quelling the Common Core Crazy: Lesson Study

When last we spoke, I found myself positioned on a precipice, anxiously confronting the torrent that was Race to the Top. And as mandate after mandate continued to crash and […]

Coaching the Common Core

I’m gearing up for a winter and spring filled with different instructional coaching experiences. I’m looking forward to this more than any other work I’ve been involved with so far […]

Lesson Study and the Six Instructional Shifts

David Coleman’s mock lesson relevant to King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail offers initial perspective about what instruction with the Common Core might look like. It also raises some important questions, […]

Facilitating Curriculum Design and Coaching Instruction with the Common Core: An Archive of Posts

Recently, I created a landing page for all of the posts that I’ve been sharing relevant to my work with the Common Core. I plan to update it at the […]

Engaging All Readers With Complex Text: Potential Challenges

As we’re preparing to engage classrooms full of kids in the shared reading of sufficiently complex text, the teachers that I am working with have made some predictions about the […]

Critical Thinking, Complex Text, and the Common Core

In addition to learning what we can about the art of close reading, teachers that I am working with are also finding their study of the following very helpful as […]

Sizing Up the Staircase of Complexity

As we’ve begun examining each of the six instructional shifts called for by the Common Core, teachers have shared their own stories, often times lingering over many details that support […]