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Gap Analysis and the Common Core Learning Standards

This week, I’m sharing out some of the processes I’ve used to help teachers build a fluency with the Common Core Learning Standards. First, I returned to the importance of […]

Unwrapping the Common Core Learning Standards: Why, When, and How

In order to mine a standard’s true meaning, you typically have to unwrap it a bit. The purpose of this work is to distinguish the standard’s explicit and implicit meaning. […]

Text Complexity and the Common Core

If you didn’t get a chance to catch David Coleman’s presentation Bringing the Common Core to Life this week, you can still access it here. It’s important viewing for New […]

Define Drop-Out

“Some of my former students came back to see me this year,” she said. “They graduated a couple of years ago. When they were here, they really struggled, but they […]

Transcending the Stuff of Staff Development

A few weeks ago, I was invited to share the progress of a curriculum design and mapping initiative I am facilitating in a local district with the members of the […]

Ascending the Spiral Staircase: Designing a Rubric for Change

One of the greater challenges that people in positions like mine often face is creating alignment between what learners, administrators, and teachers need in order to be successful. Sometimes, people […]

Seeing With New Eyes

This video has gone viral in my facebook community and for good reason: Buffalo is a fantastic place to live and work and raise a family. I love it here, […]

Using Student Inquiry to Uncover Curricula

Over the last year, I’ve been facilitating a departmental redesign with a small group of high school Business teachers. I blogged about it a bit just after we began this […]

Dropping Knowledge: A Powerful Source for Essential Questions

Like many of my colleagues, I believe that great learning is often framed around the pursuit of essential questions. So when I stumbled upon dropping knowledge last week, I bookmarked […]

On a Quest for Least Invasive Practices

Over the last few years, I’ve come to realize that my greatest duty as a teacher in any capacity is to create the conditions that enable relevant (or at the […]