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Cultivating Capacity with Quiet Leadership

  On Tuesday of this week, I was invited to attend a Board of Education meeting at Wellsville Central School to share a bit about the professional learning opportunities I’ve […]

Thinkers Who Inspire Me

On my Kindle this week: The Power of Collective Wisdom and the Trap of Collective Folly by Alan Briskin, Sheryl Erickson, John Ott, and Tom Callanan. Forward by Peter Senge. […]

The Greatest Gift My PLN Gives Me: Permission to Keep it Real

Last week, I had a chance to catch up with Andrea Hernandez. As we began debriefing the Skype session I participated in with her students a while back and what […]

Resolving the PD Dilemma

Here’s one of the problems with traditional forms of professional development: I’m invited to come in for a handful of days, kick up some dust, get people who are hungry […]

Missed Opportunities: The National Writing Project

Local teachers will tell you that you can tell who the fellows of the WNY Writing Project are by the light in their eyes. If you live in Western New […]

Ask, Don’t Tell

I’ve been coaching in several districts over the last two weeks, beginning conversations with teachers who are thinking deeply about what student-centered learning communities are and what they can do […]

Defining a Vision: The Most Critical “21st Century” Skill

The Beginning of a Writing Process, WNY Young Writers’ Studio 2010 It happens every year. “We’re only here because our moms made us come,” they told me. “We hate writing. […]

Leading THE Vision or Leading WITH Vision?

I just finished the last of five very different but very meaningful “opening week” sessions inside of the schools that I work in long term. It’s inspiring to watch teachers […]

Envisioning a New Year of Possibilities

Alice came to a fork in the road.  “Which road do I take?” she asked. “Where do you want to go?” responded the Cheshire cat. “I don’t know,” Alice answered. […]

Placing Students at the Center of Change

She’s been a fellow of the WNY Young Writers’ Studio for three years now. Every August, she devotes a week of her life to the study of what learning communities […]