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Empowering Reluctant and Struggling Readers

    Last week, Kim Yaris and Jan Burkins invited me to begin this conversation about text complexity and cognitive dissonance on their blog.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll share […]

Managing Cognitive Dissonance

  Happy Friday! Last week, I was beyond excited when Jan Burkis and Kim Yaris invited to guest post over at their place. I took the opportunity to start a […]

Engaging All Readers With Complex Text: Potential Challenges

As we’re preparing to engage classrooms full of kids in the shared reading of sufficiently complex text, the teachers that I am working with have made some predictions about the […]

Sizing Up the Staircase of Complexity

As we’ve begun examining each of the six instructional shifts called for by the Common Core, teachers have shared their own stories, often times lingering over many details that support […]

What Kindergarteners Can Teach Us About Research, Creating Content, and Connected Learning: Part 3

“What have we been studying in kindergarten this spring?” Heather asked her students. “Things that hatch!” They sang. “And how have we been doing that?” Heather asked. A jumble of […]

Jessica Gentner: A Talented WNY Educator

Jessica Gentner, Fifth Grade Teacher at Lindbergh Elementary School in Kenmore, New York Parent-teacher conferences were different for our family this year, thanks to our school district’s recent decision to […]

A NEW Assignment?

An interesting conversation is beginning to take shape on the English Companion Ning relevant to yesterday’s piece in the NY Times about providing choice to student readers. I was surprised […]

Discovering Words

I’ve watched Erin McKean speak to redefining the dictionary with quite a few different teachers this year, particularly during conversations that focus on vocabulary instruction. Check it out: So now…….I’m […]

Tossing a Pebble Through the Old Beehive

I’m just wondering: how many people who adamantly oppose book censorship actually tolerate the ways in which the web is censored for students and teachers (and of course, so many […]

Recommended Reading: The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams

The Chosen One is Carol Lynch Williams’ harrowing account of one child’s journey toward truth, faith, and freedom. Thirteen-year-old Kyra Leigh is forced to explore the complexities of her family and […]