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Narrative as a Vehicle for Centering the Writer in the Workshop

Alignment matters. Defining the standards we expect students to meet, making them accessible to the kids we serve, and assessing and supporting progress toward them–this matters. Much. I’m not merely […]

Facilitating Learning Through Organizational Story Writing

This post is the third in my organizational story writing series. In the first post, I defined the form and shared ten reasons why organizational story writing matters.  Then, I introduced a […]

Organizational Story Writing: Leading a Listening Session

Jackie James Creedon shares a map of future soil testing sites in western New York State.   Jackie James Creedon is the founder of Citizens Science Community Resources, an organization […]

Platform and Personality: Helping Young Writers Raise Their Voices

I’ve spent a good portion of this year helping teachers unpack and design some pretty powerful writing experiences around this particular standard. I’ll admit that it’s my favorite. Sure, research […]

Considering the Root Causes of the Common Core War

Last night, I was asked to speak at the Cheektowaga Board of Education meeting about the work I’m beginning to lead there with the Common Core. This is something I’m […]

Do No Harm

I agree: too much is going wrong. We do need to speak up. We do need to act in ways that will restore sanity. Something worth reflecting on though: what […]

A Self-Advocacy Strategy for All Learners

Earlier this month: I shared a bit about where I’ve landed in terms of my own learning and work over the last few years. I spoke about my experiences as […]

Revisiting Reflective Journals to Define Goals and Needs

Earlier this week, I shared a photo of a reflective journal that one of our Studio writers designed last summer. Although we don’t see each other as often as I’d […]

Inviting Learners to Advocate for Their Needs

When I was a freshman in college, I was fortunate enough to have several professors who didn’t wait until the end of the semester to engage me in a conversation […]

Teaching All Learners to Advocate for Their Needs

Reflective Journaling Enables Learners to Assess Their Needs As a teacher, when I began my own search for self-advocacy protocols, strategies, and processes, my efforts led me to countless books, […]