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The Cure for Apathy

“If we want to understand better the complex world of the classroom, and if we want our scholarship to have an impact on the work of teachers, it’s important we find […]

Reggio Reflections: Implicit Questioning and the Art of Hanging Questions in the Air

My visit to Reggio reminded me that learning is a social construct. It’s not an accumulation of knowledge, but a construction of meaning that emerges from learners’ interpretation of the […]

Reflecting on the Connection Between a Community and Its Children

Tomorrow, I begin a study tour of Reggio Emilia Schools in Italy, thanks to a generous invitation from Lorella Lamonaca, a teacher I’ve met through my work with Scarsdale Public […]

Empathy Mapping, Brain Writing, and Teachers Who Tell Their Learning Stories

This spring, I had the opportunity to work with teachers from southern Erie and Cattaraugus Counties. Our initial sessions challenged teachers to define writers’ craft, the process, and the values and habits […]

A Chart that Coaches Kids to Initiate Their Own Writing Conferences

Deepening Our Relationship with Reflection: Prompts for Writers

How often do you invite the writers you support to reflect, and for what purposes? In my experience, it’s common for teachers to place reflective work at the end of […]

Reflect Before, During, and After Writing With This Helpful Tool

Many say that the mini-lesson is the heart of writer’s workshop. I’ve always felt that reflection is equally important, though. Perhaps more so. Coaching writers to reflect is tough stuff, […]