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Feedback that Serves Those Who MAKE Writing

This week’s post is written especially for those who are making writing with their students and eager to elevate the quality of what writers build, before they help them transition […]

Coaching Revision: My Five Biggest Mistakes

What does revision look like beyond your writing workshop? Have you thought you about this? I don’t think that I ever did when I still had a classroom of my […]

Five Big Writing Workshop Dilemmas and One Simple Solution: Learning Targets

  Two weeks ago, I invited writing teachers far and wide to share their biggest workshop dilemmas with me! Okay, if I’m being honest, I asked a bunch of people […]

Revision Points for Primary Writers

Primary teachers know that drawing is writing and that even our littlest writers have wonderful and very important stories to tell and opinions to share. It’s important to mention that […]


A 5 Step Process for Revising Bit by Bit

During conversations with teachers last week, one mentioned how overwhelming it is to move writers through the revision process and how, all too often, what comes from the effort is […]

What Kindergarteners Can Teach Us About Research, Creating Content, and Connected Learning: Part 4

This post is the fourth in a series about research and writing in Heather Bitka’s kindergarten classroom. To learn more about this project’s purpose and outcomes, you might want to […]

Writing About the Tough Stuff: Two Ways to Empower Self-Advocacy

Some of the conversations that I have with young writers are inspired by the work of Christopher Johns, whose framework for reflective practice enables them to identify their needs, advocate […]