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Five Stars for the Common Core: How Would You Design a Review?

We’re years into daily debate about the Common Core, and just this week, Commissioner Elia invited feedback on the Common Core Learning Standards through this survey, conducted by the New York […]

Three Characteristics of Teachers Who Succeed with the Common Core Learning Standards

Over the last four years, I’ve provided sustained support to 5 rural, 2 suburban, and 3 urban school districts as they’ve aligned curricula, instructional practices, and assessments to the Common […]

Aligning to the Common Core without sacrificing your standards

Earlier this week, I recounted my first day of performance based assessment design with a new group of teachers and administrators. If you happened to read, you might remember that […]

Keeping Standards, Not Scores, at the Center of Our Inquiry Team Meetings

I’ve been working with the English Department at Starpoint Middle School for ten years, and those who know me well appreciate the high regard that I maintain for this particular group […]