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Five Big Writing Workshop Dilemmas and One Simple Solution: Learning Targets

  Two weeks ago, I invited writing teachers far and wide to share their biggest workshop dilemmas with me! Okay, if I’m being honest, I asked a bunch of people […]

Teaching Civil Rights to Kindergarteners: Research and Information Writing

Two weeks ago, Laurie Schultz invited me to coach in her kindergarten writing workshop at John T. Waugh Elementary School in Lake Shore. I’m always grateful to work with Laurie. […]

Aligning to the Common Core without sacrificing your standards

Earlier this week, I recounted my first day of performance based assessment design with a new group of teachers and administrators. If you happened to read, you might remember that […]

Keeping Standards, Not Scores, at the Center of Our Inquiry Team Meetings

I’ve been working with the English Department at Starpoint Middle School for ten years, and those who know me well appreciate the high regard that I maintain for this particular group […]

One way to design dynamic units with the Common Core? Don’t start with the Common Core

Perhaps you’re more than little bit invested in the idea of increasing job satisfaction for yourself and for those that you work with even as you’re Racing to the Top. […]

Aligning to the Indicators of our Vision

Since last spring, I’ve had the opportunity to ask well over 1000 educators what their vision is for the graduate they hope to produce. I’ve asked them what their vision […]

How Can We Race to the Top in Ways that Increase Job Satisfaction?

I think this is a critical guiding question for every educator in New York State right now, particularly those who are facilitating work with the Common Core Learning Standards, APPR, […]

Gap Analysis and the Common Core Learning Standards

This week, I’m sharing out some of the processes I’ve used to help teachers build a fluency with the Common Core Learning Standards. First, I returned to the importance of […]

Unwrapping the Common Core Learning Standards: Why, When, and How

In order to mine a standard’s true meaning, you typically have to unwrap it a bit. The purpose of this work is to distinguish the standard’s explicit and implicit meaning. […]

Developing a Fluency with the Common Core Learning Standards

At first glance it might seem like we are doing this already, but teaching confidently with the CCLS challenges us to understand them with depth. Glancing at the standards is […]