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Five Stars for the Common Core: How Would You Design a Review?

We’re years into daily debate about the Common Core, and just this week, Commissioner Elia invited feedback on the Common Core Learning Standards through this survey, conducted by the┬áNew York […]

Are You a Data Hater? Five Big Myths Educators Need to Stop Perpetuating

I’ve been facilitating inquiry team meetings and helping teachers make meaning from standardized assessment data in New York State schools for well over a decade now. Experience has uncovered the […]

Aligning to the Common Core without sacrificing your standards

Earlier this week, I recounted my first day of performance based assessment design with a new group of teachers and administrators. If you happened to read, you might remember that […]


Story Still Matters.

What makes this powerful? And this? And this? For that matter, what makes most persuasive writing powerful? Story does. No one is saying that narrative writing has jumped the shark. […]

Define Drop-Out

“Some of my former students came back to see me this year,” she said. “They graduated a couple of years ago. When they were here, they really struggled, but they […]