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Empathy Mapping, Brain Writing, and Teachers Who Tell Their Learning Stories

This spring, I had the opportunity to work with teachers from southern Erie and Cattaraugus Counties. Our initial sessions challenged teachers to define writers’ craft, the process, and the values and habits […]

Using Qualitative Data to Grow Writers

Love is blind, and far too often, our relationships with quantitative data remain unhealthy. Despite evidence to the contrary, too many of us still believe that grades provide insight and that […]

Documenting Learning in the Makerspace: A Peek Inside Our Process at Roy B. Kelley School

The Backstory: I’ve spent the last week helping Heather Bitka and Rachel O’Sheehan launch a brand new makerspace in Roy B. Kelley School in Lockport. This project began with solid […]

How do we distinguish learning from its products?

As I’ve begun supporting teachers’ first efforts to document for learning, this question continues winding its way through nearly every conversation: How do we distinguish learning from its products? This seems […]

The Struggle to Define Powerful Purposes for Documentation

Teachers analyze different kinds of evidence in order to construct hunches that help them serve learners well. Clear answers are rare, but if we pay attention, we know when we’re getting closer […]

Data by Design: How Grounded Theory Methodology Reveals More About Learners Than Numbers Ever Will

I founded the WNY Young Writer’s Studio with two great intentions: First, I longed to create a lasting community where children could choose to write about the things that mattered […]

Love is Blind: 5 Indications that Your Relationship with Quantitative Data is Unhealthy

1. Is your relationship with quantitative data exclusive? 2. Are you unwilling to recognize flaws in your quantitative data or in your relationship? 3. Do you dress your quantitative data […]

What if we never had to test again? One teacher’s inspired assessment approach

I’m not sure if this is possible, but I’m starting to think it could be. I’ve been incredibly inspired by quite a few teachers who have been playing around with […]

Data: They’re Not Just for Spreadsheets Anymore

Michele Cammarata is a teacher fellow in the WNY Young Writer’s Studio. In an effort to learn more about the writers she serves, Michelle has turned her attention to the […]

Initial Reflections on a Decade’s Worth of “Data Dialogue”

Over the last decade, I’ve had the opportunity to facilitate an awful lot of data dialogue inside of many different schools with many different kinds of teachers and leaders. These […]