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The Cure for Apathy

“If we want to understand better the complex world of the classroom, and if we want our scholarship to have an impact on the work of teachers, it’s important we find […]

Skipping School

My daughter Laura skipped four days of school this week. So did Noah. They were accompanied by dozens of other kids from all over the globe who met in Boise, […]

Inviting Parents to the Table

Several weeks ago, I was chatting with an acquaintance about school. Our school. The one our children attend classes in each day. Our district, like all others, has a plan […]

Is Content King?

Last night, we shared a dinner table with a diverse group of incredibly nice folks. Compass House, our local Safe Place, was hosting their annual dinner and my family had […]

Summertime: Reading, Writing, Reflecting, Relating

Happy Summer! As this is my first one at home in handful of years, I spent the beginning of it on something of a self-imposed hiatus, reading and writing and hanging out […]

Connecting Around Global Causes

Matt Meader has been a fellow of our regional Deep Curriculum Alignment project for some time now, and my first acquaintance with him was through this initiative. Today, I had […]

The Changing Role of Authorship

Last night, we hosted a long-overdue barbeque, and when my friend Monika called to ask if she could bring a guest along, of course I said she was more than […]

Funding a Classroom Library

I spent today exploring the practice of literature circles with a group of English Language Arts teachers from across our region. It’s always interesting when public and nonpublic school teachers come […]

Revisioning Differentiated Instruction

I remember my early assumptions about differentiated instruction. I remember thinking, like many do, that differentiation would require the careful design of three separate approaches for each day’s learning. I […]

Jesus Was a Teacher Too

Then Jesus took his disciples up the  mountain, and gathering them  about him, he taught them, saying:  “Blessed are the poor.  “Blessed are the hungry.  “Blessed are those who mourn. […]