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Make Writing: 5 Teaching Strategies that Turn Writer’s Workshop into a Maker Space

Guess what? I wrote a book! That’s right: Make Writing: 5 Teaching Strategies that Turn Writers Workshop into a Maker Space debuted Friday and quickly became an Amazon Best Seller. A big […]


When Writers Make the Anchor Chart: What We’re Learning About Improving Dialogue in Story

Last spring, several groups at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio made a careful study of dialogue. Rather than charting the ideas that might have emerged from my teacher-driven mini-lessons, writers researched this […]


A 5 Step Process for Revising Bit by Bit

During conversations with teachers last week, one mentioned how overwhelming it is to move writers through the revision process and how, all too often, what comes from the effort is […]


Making Writing on the Grid

Here’s a snapshot of the grid that some writers plan with at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio. And here’s another of a bulletin board near it, which provides new writers […]


Two Sets of Sentence Frames that Help Writers Provide Quality Feedback

When it comes to building a writing community, much depends on the quality of the feedback that writers provide to one another. Solid feedback is timely, aligned to the needs […]

Start a Writing Habit with this Twenty Day Notebook Challenge

Over the last five years, I’ve had the good fortune to meet and write with a whole lot of kindergarteners, and when I ask them if they love to write, […]

Give Writers Permission to Innovate by Rethinking the Supplies You Provide

In my work with teachers, and in our fellowship programs at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio, I’ve become closely acquainted with a few kids who absolutely hate writing. What’s worse […]


Mastering Plans or Planning to Become Masters? How to Teach Writers Creative Theft

Adult writers are often judged by their abilities to sell their work to the masses. In most schools, children are taught to pursue high grades. Both groups are conditioned to […]

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Four Steps to Creating an Installation of Learning Made Visible

Gone are the days when WNY Young Writer’s Studio writers celebrated their accomplishments by participating in readings or showcasing their anthology submissions. We celebrate our published writers to be sure, […]


Our Students are Our Greatest Teachers: Documenting and Learning From the Data that Matter Most

“You observe an effect, then build a theory to fit the observation. It may be faster to memorize facts than to experience them, but I would argue that you don’t […]