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Markets, Contests, and Communities for Young Writers

Like most who live in western New York state, I love spring for many reasons. The snow has melted, the robins have returned, and the lake is beginning to look […]

Mastering Plans or Planning to Become Masters? How to Teach Writers Creative Theft

Adult writers are often judged by their abilities to sell their work to the masses. In most schools, children are taught to pursue high grades. Both groups are conditioned to […]

Implementing the Units of Study: A Chart to Support Your Grade Level Debrief

    This year, I’m supporting teachers across several districts as they work to implement the new Units of Study in Opinion, Information, and Narrative Text created by Lucy Calkins […]

Kids Hate Writing? Get ‘Em Out of Their Seats

In my work with teachers, and in our fellowship programs at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio, I become closely acquainted with kids who absolutely hate writing. What’s worse is that […]

MAKING Writing: What, Why, and 6 Ways to Begin

Many children and adults will tell you that writing is quite literally out of their grasp. They can’t wrap their hands around it, and since this is how they learn […]

Two Charts that Help Students Plan to Live a Writer’s Life

These are my first and favorite conversations with writers at the start of a new year. Before we crack into our new notebooks, before the first genre studies begin, we […]