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Make Writing: 5 Teaching Strategies that Turn Writer’s Workshop into a Maker Space

Guess what? I wrote a book! That’s right: Make Writing: 5 Teaching Strategies that Turn Writers Workshop into a Maker Space debuted Friday and quickly became an Amazon Best Seller. A big […]

Retooling Traditional Writer’s Workshop Structures

This chart provides a glimpse at two different ways to execute a day of workshop. One is teacher-centered, and the other is writer-centered. As you explore them, consider when it […]

A Chart that Coaches Kids to Initiate Their Own Writing Conferences

Revision Points for Primary Writers

Primary teachers know that drawing is writing and that even our littlest writers have wonderful and very important stories to tell and opinions to share. It’s important to mention that […]

Becoming a Quiet Leader in the Writing Workshop: A Progression Toward Writer-Centered Approaches

I spent much of last week curled up on my couch designing writer’s workshop units while nursing a killer cold. One gorgeous silver lining: I’ve discovered lemon ginger tea. Another? […]


A 5 Step Process for Revising Bit by Bit

During conversations with teachers last week, one mentioned how overwhelming it is to move writers through the revision process and how, all too often, what comes from the effort is […]

Start a Writing Habit with this Twenty Day Notebook Challenge

Over the last five years, I’ve had the good fortune to meet and write with a whole lot of kindergarteners, and when I ask them if they love to write, […]

Mastering Plans or Planning to Become Masters? How to Teach Writers Creative Theft

Adult writers are often judged by their abilities to sell their work to the masses. In most schools, children are taught to pursue high grades. Both groups are conditioned to […]

Gamestorming to Add Dimension to a Draft

Name of the Game: Synesthesia Timing: This game is best played once writers have drafted a text that rich and lengthy enough for review. Goal: Adapted from a Gamestorming game […]

A Game for Writers that Coaches Creative Theft

Austin Kleon, author of Steal Like an Artist, tells us that, “Nothing comes from nowhere. All creative work builds on what came before. Nothing is completely original. Some people find […]