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Games Over Graphic Organizers: Let Young Writers Play This Way

“I know what I want to say, but I don’t know how to say it,” she sighed, sitting back and sinking deep into her chair. “It’s like I have too […]

Minding the GAP: A Game That Helps Writers Define Genre, Audience, Purpose


Over the last several years, my work at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio has helped me discover that serious play is the work of writers , and gaming the process […]

Play is the Work of Writers–Gaming the Process


Some of the best learning I enjoy emerges from my study of writers at play. In 1932, Mildred B. Parten was the first to distinguish one form of play from […]

Create an Installation of Learning Made Visible, and Then Invite Company

PicMonkey Collage

Gone are the days when WNY Young Writer’s Studio writers celebrated their accomplishments by participating in readings or showcasing their anthology submissions. We celebrate our published writers to be sure, […]

Making Writing is About Sharing What You Learn


“The best attribute of a well-run makerspace is the sharing of skills and knowledge. It starts with formal instruction, but the best learning takes place while one person is building […]

Tinkering with Text and Playing with Writing


When I was in the classroom, I began each school year by conducting an interest inventory. I asked my students to tell me about their favorite books and television programs. […]

Make Writing by Diversifying Your Tools


“When a large and diverse set of tools is provided, a large and diverse group of makers comes out to live, work, and play.” Mark Hatch, The Maker Movement Manifesto: […]

Ditch Your Best Practices and MAKE Observations


“You observe an effect, then build a theory to fit the observation. It may be faster to memorize facts than to experience them, but I would argue that you don’t […]

Makers and Writers: Give More Than Your Work Away


“One of the most satisfying aspects of making is giving away what you have made. Wonderfully, most people still value gifts made by the giver more than gifts that were […]