Get Your PreK-2 Kids Writing With These 6 Quick Lessons


This chart often takes center stage in the primary classrooms I coach in. Drawing is writing at any level, but this is especially true in pre K-2 classrooms. Each point […]

Peer Review: 5 Tips and a Bunch of Tools to Make It Work When It Doesn’t

When writers trust that they can consistently receive high quality feedback from their peers, everything changes. Rather than relying on the teacher, kids begin turning to one another for support. […]

Organizing the Writer’s Notebook: Four Powerful Sections


This year marks my twentieth year keeping notebooks with writers. I’ve only been satisfied with the quality of our notebook keeping for about two years though. This is how that […]

Six Ways to Create a Great Writer’s Notebook Cover


“A notebook is a very special thing,” I told them. “It’s so special that we should take care to plan the cover carefully. No pictures of pizza please, and don’t […]

Four Ways to Write Inside One Small Moment: A Tool to Support Tinkering


I designed this document yesterday for intermediate level teachers who are leading their students through a narrative writing unit. It includes the best of what we all know about adding […]


Proponents of Joseph Campbell’s monomyth argue that this basic pattern underpins most narratives and that when writers deepen their understanding of this structure, they are often better able to craft […]

Implementing the Units of Study: A Chart to Support Your Grade Level Debrief


    This year, I’m supporting teachers across several districts as they work to implement the new Units of Study in Opinion, Information, and Narrative Text created by Lucy Calkins […]

Charting the Anatomy of a Quality Mini-Lesson


This chart was designed for yesterday’s session with intermediate level teachers who are just beginning to implement writer’s workshop. They are unpacking the Units of Study in Opinion, Information, and […]

Data: They’re Not Just for Spreadsheets Anymore


Michele Cammarata is a teacher fellow in the WNY Young Writer’s Studio. In an effort to learn more about the writers she serves, Michelle has turned her attention to the […]

Kids Hate Writing? Get ‘Em Out of Their Seats


In my work with teachers, and in our fellowship programs at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio, I become closely acquainted with kids who absolutely hate writing. What’s worse is that […]