Six Things to Think About as You Establish Habits of Documentation

To question or not to question? That’s where teachers I work with begin using Grounded Theory to study and document visible learning. Are you about to embark on your own […]

Design Better Interventions for Your Students by Dumping Your Guiding Questions

This post continues a conversation that I started last week about visible learning, documentation, and the use of Grounded Theory methodologies. My thinking and work has evolved over time, in […]

Five Ways to Make Learning Visible

  As teachers prepare to help students make learning visible and document what is revealed, I’ve noticed that the pace of our preparation work typically stalls in the same places […]

Not Sure Where to Begin Documenting Visible Learning? Try a Design Sprint

This week, I had the good fortune to meet with a small group of teachers, administrators, curriculum directors, and professional learning facilitators at Erie 2 BOCES. We spent the day […]

Chatting with Judge Penny Wolfgang About the Common Core and the WNY Young Writer’s Studio

Last week, Judge Penny Wolfgang invited me in to her studio at Entercom Communications to chat about the WNY Young Writer’s Studio, the Common Core Learning Standards, and the influence […]

Using Grounded Theory and Documenting Learning Made Visible: 8 Steps in a Recursive Process

The WNY Young Writer’s Studio is a community where children and teachers learn beside one another. Now in our eighth year, our professional development model has evolved significantly since we […]

Join Us at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio Annual Installation of Writers’ Works in Process

This is a wonderful way to celebrate the thinking, learning, and work of our writers. It’s also the perfect opportunity for community members to discover more about who we are […]

Retooling Traditional Writer’s Workshop Structures

This chart provides a glimpse at two different ways to execute a day of workshop. One is teacher-centered, and the other is writer-centered. As you explore them, consider when it […]

Three Characteristics of Teachers Who Succeed with the Common Core Learning Standards


Over the last four years, I’ve provided sustained support to 5 rural, 2 suburban, and 3 urban school districts as they’ve aligned curricula, instructional practices, and assessments to the Common […]

Data by Design: How Grounded Theory Methodology Reveals More About Learners Than Numbers Ever Will

I founded the WNY Young Writer’s Studio with two great intentions: First, I longed to create a lasting community where children could choose to write about the things that mattered […]