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Seeing Ourselves, Seeing Others: Creating a More Inclusive Writing Workshop Environment

I’d just wrapped a mini-lesson on using evidence to support a claim. The writers that filled up the room were shifting away from our meeting spot and toward the back […]

Organizational Story Writing: Leading a Listening Session

Jackie James Creedon shares a map of future soil testing sites in western New York State.   Jackie James Creedon is the founder of Citizens Science Community Resources, an organization […]

Stress….Less: A Critical 21st Century Skill?

Been thinking on the question I posed at the end of this post. I’m beginning to wonder if some of the more critical “21st Century Skills” that we need to […]

A Beautiful Way to Head Back to School

Sending positive energy to all of you administering and taking the New York State English Language Arts Assessments this week! Here’s a little treat to reward your efforts. I know […]

Recommended Reading for Spring Break

I bought some new books to devour this week. And I’ve added a new blog to my reader, too. I’m thinking….I like the way Claudia thinks. You can follow her […]

Aimee Mullins: The Opportunity of Adversity

In recent weeks, I’ve been spending nearly as much time writing with kids as I have been working with teachers, and let me tell you–this is good for the soul. […]

How Does Temple Grandin Inspire You?

Over the last few weeks, Temple Grandin has come up in conversations everywhere I’ve traveled. Mostly because I keep bringing her up. Inevitably though, someone in every circle has heard […]