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Uncovering and Discovering Learning Goals as We Make, Read, and Write: A Guest Post by Melanie Mulcaster

Today, I’m thrilled to welcome teacher-librarian Melanie Mulcaster to my little corner of the web. Melanie has made a home at Hillside Public School in Mississauga, Ontario. I had the […]

Integrating Making and Writing: Constraints, Complexity, and Connection

Integrating making and writing experiences may not seem very difficult, but in my experience, making this marriage worthwhile requires some careful planning. It takes nothing to dump a pile of loose […]

Close reading: best practices and next practices

Let’s call her Nadia. I’ve been working with her one on one for a little over a year now. “I suck at reading,” she told me bluntly, when she approached […]

Sticky notes make text moveable, mixable, and manageable

“The sticky note is one of the most useful tools for knowledge work because it allows you to break any complex topic into small, moveable artifacts—knowledge atoms or nodes—that you […]

The difference between strategic readers and readers who use strategies

At the risk of beating a dead horse, I’ll admit: I agree with those who suggest that close reading isn’t a strategy, and I’m grateful to them for sustaining this […]

On savoring delectable texts: close reading as a means to a far greater end

In my last post, I mentioned how some of the best conversations that I’ve had about close reading were steeped in stories that teachers shared about their own encounters with […]

Understanding close reading by reflecting on your own stories

Image by Gris M. via flickr Four years ago, as teachers began digging into the Common Core Learning Standards and making sense of the six shifts that underpin them, questions […]

Gamestorming to Infer

  This photo captures the thinking behind the most inspired moment of my week. I spent yesterday Gamestorming with a group of local English teachers in order to surface, prioritize, […]

Rethinking Shared Reading with the Common Core: When Students Pick the Texts

Last month, a number of teachers and consultant friends of mine began kicking around the idea of creating an archive of paired passages and texts that educators could pull on […]

Struggling to Comprehend? Grammar is Your Friend

Catherine Leach is a former Western New Yorker and a long-time friend of the WNY Young Writers’ Studio. She teaches and coaches at Sam Rayburn High School in Pasadena, Texas. I’m […]