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Five Ways to Support Autonomous Learning

It all started when we were about two weeks deep into our new pandemic lifestyle. John and I were sitting in our living room, which sits about twenty feet from […]

Humanizing the Distance Learning Experience

“I just ordered my first box of those weird under eye gel patch thingies that everyone from Rachel Hollis to Oprah to Brene Brown seems to be sporting on social […]

Teaching Writing from a Distance

Hey–happy Friday! How was your week? Mine was productive. Very productive. And productive feels so much better than just about anything else right now. I just wrapped my first week […]

Distinguishing Culture from Race and Rethinking “Resistant Writers”

What’s Culture Got To Do With It? Before I share some of what I’m learning here, I need to make myself clear: When I use the word culture, I’m not […]

Making and Unmaking the Resistant Writer

Last week, I started a conversation that I promised to continue throughout this month, one post at a time. It’s about privilege, power, and print inside of our writing workshops […]

Print, Privilege, and Power: Starting a Conversation About Equity in Our Writing Workshops

When we embrace diversity, we strive to make the demographic of our schools and classrooms diverse. When we embrace inclusion, we ensure that diverse people are seated at the tables […]

Feedback that Serves Those Who MAKE Writing

This week’s post is written especially for those who are making writing with their students and eager to elevate the quality of what writers build, before they help them transition […]

Making to Elevate the Complexity of Writing

“Because she laughs so much, and when she laughs, it’s like music,” she explained when I asked her why she’d built a series of music notes to represent her grandmother. […]

Transitioning Makers to Print in the Writing Workshop

“But how is that writing?” he asked, and I got it. I get it. This doesn’t look like writing, does it? And his question is one we should all be […]

101 Ways Young Writers Might Publish for An Authentic Audience

I’m often asked what young writers can do to seek and connect with authentic audiences. Sure, writing for themselves, their friends, their family members, and their teachers might be rewarding, […]