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Empathy Mapping, Brain Writing, and Teachers Who Tell Their Learning Stories

This spring, I had the opportunity to work with teachers from southern Erie and Cattaraugus Counties. Our initial sessions challenged teachers to define writers’ craft, the process, and the values and habits […]

A Chart that Coaches Kids to Initiate Their Own Writing Conferences


When Writers Make the Anchor Chart: What We’re Learning About Improving Dialogue in Story

Last spring, several groups at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio made a careful study of dialogue. Rather than charting the ideas that might have emerged from my teacher-driven mini-lessons, writers researched this […]


Get Your PreK-2 Kids Writing With These 6 Quick Lessons

This chart often takes center stage in the primary classrooms I coach in. Drawing is writing at any level, but this is especially true in pre K-2 classrooms. Each point […]


Organizing the Writer’s Notebook: Four Powerful Sections

This year marks my twentieth year keeping notebooks with writers. I’ve only been satisfied with the quality of our notebook keeping for about two years though. This is how that […]


Six Ways to Create a Great Writer’s Notebook Cover

“A notebook is a very special thing,” I told them. “It’s so special that we should take care to plan the cover carefully. No pictures of pizza please, and don’t […]

Implementing the Units of Study: A Chart to Support Your Grade Level Debrief

    This year, I’m supporting teachers across several districts as they work to implement the new Units of Study in Opinion, Information, and Narrative Text created by Lucy Calkins […]

Charting the Anatomy of a Quality Mini-Lesson

This chart was designed for yesterday’s session with intermediate level teachers who are just beginning to implement writer’s workshop. They are unpacking the Units of Study in Opinion, Information, and […]

Two Charts that Help Students Plan to Live a Writer’s Life

These are my first and favorite conversations with writers at the start of a new year. Before we crack into our new notebooks, before the first genre studies begin, we […]