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Making Writing on the Grid

Here’s a snapshot of the grid that some writers plan with at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio. And here’s another of a bulletin board near it, which provides new writers […]

Celebrating Writers in Progress: The Guide to Organizing a Quick but Fabulous Exhibition

It’s important for young writers to share their work with audiences who are truly interested in receiving it, yet time for exhibition is often tight, and when it comes time […]

Give Writers Permission to Innovate by Rethinking the Supplies You Provide

In my work with teachers, and in our fellowship programs at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio, I’ve become closely acquainted with a few kids who absolutely hate writing. What’s worse […]

Four Steps to Creating an Installation of Learning Made Visible

Gone are the days when WNY Young Writer’s Studio writers celebrated their accomplishments by participating in readings or showcasing their anthology submissions. We celebrate our published writers to be sure, […]