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Minding the GAP: A Game That Helps Writers Define Genre, Audience, Purpose

Over the last several years, my work at the WNY Young Writer’s Studio has helped me discover that serious play is the work of writers , and gaming the process […]


Making Writing is About Sharing What You Learn

“The best attribute of a well-run makerspace is the sharing of skills and knowledge. It starts with formal instruction, but the best learning takes place while one person is building […]

Tinkering with Text and Playing with Writing

When I was in the classroom, I began each school year by conducting an interest inventory. I asked my students to tell me about their favorite books and television programs. […]

Make Writing by Diversifying Your Tools

“When a large and diverse set of tools is provided, a large and diverse group of makers comes out to live, work, and play.” Mark Hatch, The Maker Movement Manifesto: […]

When Makers Write

“Being creative, the act of creating and making, is actually what it means to be human. Secular philosophers like Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Carl Jung, and Abraham Maslow all came […]

Makerspaces for Writers: Three Layers of Design

Crafting quality writing curricula that provides writers just enough guidance to consistently propel them forward without threatening their autonomy is no simple task. Many teachers consider their vision, standards, the […]

How to MAKE Writing

Here’s what I know: when many young writers face sit down to confront flat, empty screens and pages, they freeze. These are the writers who experience frustration and even defeat […]

Writing IS Making: 5 Big Discoveries That Transformed My Teaching

I founded the WNY Young Writer’s Studio eight years ago. A community of writers and teachers of writing, Studio is a place where writers of all ages and experience levels […]

Reflect Before, During, and After Writing With This Helpful Tool

Many say that the mini-lesson is the heart of writer’s workshop. I’ve always felt that reflection is equally important, though. Perhaps more so. Coaching writers to reflect is tough stuff, […]