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Symbiosis and Structure: Two Thoughts About the Curse of the Empty Writer’s Notebook

“I love the idea of writer’s notebooks,” she sighed. “The problem is, my students begin using them with the best of intentions at the start of every school year, but […]


Our Students are Our Greatest Teachers: Documenting and Learning From the Data that Matter Most

“You observe an effect, then build a theory to fit the observation. It may be faster to memorize facts than to experience them, but I would argue that you don’t […]


Distinguishing Exhibition from Celebration in the Writing Workshop: Pins, Pics, and a Quick Guide

Celebration is a cornerstone of traditional writing workshop models. Here, writers share their work with eager audiences, typically in their local school communities. Exhibition differs celebration in important ways. Here, […]

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Deepening Our Relationship with Reflection: Prompts for Writers

How often do you invite the writers you support to reflect, and for what purposes? In my experience, it’s common for teachers to place reflective work at the end of […]


Organizing the Writer’s Notebook: Four Powerful Sections

This year marks my twentieth year keeping notebooks with writers. I’ve only been satisfied with the quality of our notebook keeping for about two years though. This is how that […]