About Angela and WNY Education Associates

Angela StockmanTwenty-three years ago, I found my home inside of a classroom. In many ways, I’ve never left. Every day, I get to work with administrators, teachers, and young people inside of schools, in their communities, and on university campuses. Every day, I’m still learning.

Twelve years ago, I became a service provider to school districts throughout Western New York, sharing my expertise in the field of education with hundreds of teachers, administrators, and students. I’ve led workshops and learning institutes on curriculum design, promising instructional practices, assessment, inquiry, reading and writing workshop, and literacy instruction. My passion for networked learning is infused throughout my work, and each experience in the field is one in which I establish connections between those who are in need of specific support and those who might provide it best.

In April of 2008, I founded and became the Executive Director of the WNY Young Writers’ Studio, a thriving community of writers and teachers of writing. We meet throughout the year and over the course of many years to study great writing, produce our own, and learn how to help others do the same. Teachers who participate in Studio sessions undertake their own action research projects and pursue various forms of publication. We also offer a mentoring program to young people who are interested in becoming teachers of writing themselves. Those who learn and serve within this program identify the needs of the elementary writers we work with, engage in collaborative studies relevant to those needs, and test their interventions within our program. Studio mentors use their discoveries to empower everyone within our community to coach writers with increasing effectiveness. We are proud to provide future teachers experiences and training that will support them in achieving their dreams.

In addition to this work, I’m a New York Educator Voice Fellow and the author of Make Writing. All of the profit earned from this book is used to fund activities at the WNY Young Writers’ Studio.

Had I known years ago where my journey as a teacher and service provider to teachers would take me, I never would have believed it to be true. The rewards have been endless, friendships deep and lasting, and opportunities for continued learning bountiful. Interested in connecting with me elsewhere? Reach out to me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Google.

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