WNY Young Writers’ Studio

Located on the third floor of Kenmore Presbyterian Church: 2771 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore, NY.



The WNY Young Writers’ Studio is not a workshop, a class, or a summer camp. It’s a lasting learning community for young writers and teachers of writing who live, learn, and work throughout western New York State. 

Week long studio sessions are held each summer for those entering grades K-5 and 6-12. Participants also meet year-round to continue their learning and work, often sustaining their enrollment for many years. This investment of time and their dedicated practice enables them to grow as writers, teachers, and as members of a powerful writing community.

Some of our writers are incredibly gifted, but most define themselves as novices. We also welcome resistant writers and those who lack confidence but long to write well. If you’re seeking test writing support, Studio probably won’t meet your needs. Our writers are producing real stuff for real audiences, and the choices are theirs to make.

At the start of each session, writers are invited to warm up by engaging with a creative catalyst. We investigate writers’ craft and the process of writing together, and there is plenty of time for independent or, if writers choose, collaborative writing. Over time, Studio fellows learn how to ask for and provide high quality feedback to one another, and they receive it from teachers during each session as well. Our writers learn how to use notebooks to cultivate and curate ideas, tinker with their writing, reflect, and keep notes. They also pursue publication in ways that align with their personal goals.

In recent years, we’ve become very interested in the relationship between making and writing. Studio fellows are encouraged to work on other creative projects inside our space. Those that do often gain writing inspiration from the things they make. They also learn how maker moves serve writers as they move through their processes.

Professional Learning

Teachers who join Studio do so through our Documentation Project, where they devise and execute self-directed action research projects. Those who complete this work may earn up to 60 hours of professional development credit with administrator approval. Interested teachers may learn more about documentation by exploring these posts. Our cohort for 2016-2017 is fully established at this time, and registration is now closed.

Registration for Young Writers

Spring 2017 for young writers is currently open. Elementary dates, times, and registration information is available here. Middle and high school writers may learn more and register here.

Young writers and teachers of writing do not pay to attend our sessions. However, they are expected to arrive on time, maintain consistent attendance, and actively engage as supportive members of our community. If you are uncertain about your family’s ability to honor these expectations, please do not register at this time.

Connect with Us Elsewhere

Want to learn more? Join us on Facebook or follow Angela on Twitter  or LinkedIn. This interview offers some nice perspective too.

Eager to understand exactly how and why we work the way we do? This book distills the best of the learning we’ve done together at Studio. If you buy it, know that all of the profit made from the sale will be used to keep the lights on in our little space.

Customized Workshops

I also lead creative writing workshops for schools, organizations, and writers of all ages from very diverse backgrounds. Everyone has a story to tell, and given the proper inspiration and tools, even the most timid writer can gain confidence and satisfaction from their participation in this powerful process.

Workshops can occur within the space of an afternoon, over the course of an entire day, or through a series of days scheduled throughout an entire year. I’m happy to customize an experience for you. You will find testimonials here.